Mediterrano’s OLIVE Oil

Olive&Owner5A good Chef knows that the key to excellent food is high-quality ingredients. One vital ingredient in the Mediterranean diet is olive oil; it is the heart of Mediterranean cuisine! At Mediterrano we don’t compromise on olive oil because we know it makes all the difference in the flavor of our dishes. Our owner, John Roumanis, takes great measures to bring his customers high-quality extra-virgin olive oil from his very own olive groves in Greece. In addition to using this Greek olive oil in our menu items, we’ve bottled it up and offer it for sale. You can find it at Mediterrano or Carlyle Grill. We welcome you to try it in your own dishes!

The Facts about our Extra-Virgin OLIVE Oil of GREECE

Greece devotes as much as 60% of its agriculture to olives, and grows more varieties than any other country. Of the more than 350,000 tons of olive oil produced in Greece each year, more than 80% is extra virgin, the highest possible grade. Extra-virgin olive oil is characterized by very low acidity (less than 0.8%), superior taste and a longer shelf life. The most prized Greek olive is the aromatic Koroneiki, a small variety with a high ratio of skin to flesh that, when ground, releases an oil of unsurpassed quality.


Olive Tree in GreeceMediterrano’s EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, brought to you from the Roumanis family olive groves near Sparta, Greece, is of a Koroneiki variety. A mix of ripe and green olives are harvested by hand at the peak of their flavor. Afterwards they are gently pressed to release an exceptional oil that boasts a very low 0.5% acidity, a bright, peppery fragrance and a long, rich finish. Like a fine wine, pure Mediterrano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect complement to your dinner table: perfect for dipping bread, for salads and for cooking.

Making the GRADE

* EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. The International Olive Oil Council based in Spain, regulates and tracks olive oil production worldwide, monitoring authenticity and grading quality. Subtle flavor variations result from soil composition, climate and ripeness of the olives at harvest time. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, like Mediterrano EVOO, comes exclusively from virgin oil production. It contains a 0.8% acidity or less, and it is considered superior tasting. It is ideal for dipping bread, drizzling on salads, and for cooking. In sum, it is the gold standard of taste and quality.

* VIRGIN OLIVE OIL also comes from virgin oil production. It features an acidity of 2% (or less) and has acceptable flavor.

* PURE OLIVE OIL typically blends virgin and refined, chemically-treated oils to neutralize their strong taste and high acidic content.Olive Oil blends mild-tasting, refined and virgin oils with no more than 1.5% acidity.

* OLIVE-POMACE OIL combines refined, chemically extracted paste (pomace) oil with virgin oil. It is rarely sold at the retail level but is used in some restaurant kitchens.

* REFINED OLIVE OIL comprises more than half of all Mediterranean olive oil production. It utilizes charcoal and other filtrates to remove impurities and render it edible.

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